Baby Gone Wild

It is really amazing how a child is developing. Everyday their personality is showing and you can't help but admire them so much. These past days my DD is just full of energy. She just pushing herself around her playpen, crib or even in bed. Yesterday morning I found her on her tummy in her crib. I was thinking of getting the camera but to my shock and surprise to see her in, I think, not a very comfortable position I picked her up. Her right arm is in twisted position and was pressed on the bumper at the other edge of the crib so she can't really pull it up. I checked her arm right away. I am glad it is okay.

Everyday when I am doing my chores I put her in her plypen. I put some toys on the sides like rattles, teether and those big enough not to choke her. She just pulled everything she can grasp. She even pulled the mirror that it loosen the ties and came off. Here's some pics below.

She likes to put everything to her mouth

She grabbed everything she can grasp. The mirror was untied when she pulled it.

She's bored and about to cry

All pics were taken during night time before she goes to sleep.



Merydith said...

Bless Baby S is soo big na jud mag 4 months na sad. Basta magkita ta pohon kay ato unya ni sila padulaon. It was nice talking with you today bisan kadiyot lang. Kisses to baby S.

Raquel said...

Maybe a month from now, sa crib na jud na nimo sya ibutang madz. Timailhan hapit na mo kamang si Shiloh.

Bless said...

@ merydith - lagi tubo tubo na. dali ra kaayo sila mangdagko.

@ raquel - lagi akong kahadlukan basin mahulog unsaon na lang.

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