Most apartments that we checked out before we moved in have standard size house fixtures. Being a small/petite Filipina that I am I asked hubby to check fixtures that I can comfortably work with. Unfortunately the apartment that we liked so much the fixtures is standard size so I have no choice. Unless it is our own house we can customize fixtures as to our specification. So now I have a hard time reaching out the cupboards and cabinets. Even the kitchen sink is a little bit higher against my height. I am just very glad that bar stools are available that way I will be able to reach the kitchen counter when I’m having my breakfast. Funny but it’s true (sigh) :-)



Raquel said...

Bag-o lang mi nakapalit og bed mare, wala nalang gipataod ni hubby ang frame kay maglisod kog katkat sa katre. Unsaon kining mga furnitures nila kay American size jud. Mas lisod sa imo madz kay petite size jud ka, di ko ka imagine nga less than 100lbs ra ka. Hay, ingon ana unta ko sa imo kagamay ba para patuyang lang kog kaon, he-he.

Bless said...

@ raquel - mao lagi mads pirti ka mga habug maglisod ko ug abot hehehe. as in gamay jud ko.

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