Busy Weekend

I am waiting for hubby while I am doing this post. I am going to work and he'll drop me off. Our DD is asleep I just finished nursing her. I am busy this weekend because its my turn to work weekend. I am opening and closing the store and its Labor Day weekend. I hope it's not chaotic at the mall. Friday and Saturday I was working as well. It's the end of the month and payday for military and government employees so we got a little busy. Customers are demanding. Some really gets on your nerves especially picky ones and others are just being a pain in the neck. How unfair it is that you can't have a survey for customers thus saying bad or good customers not only bad or good customer service. Honestly I encountered a lot of rude customers. Others do it directly some inidrectly being rude at you. Oh well I think hubby is ready now so I better have to log off now.



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