Junky Jewelry

Do you like jewelries, especially funky ones? If you do, check this out friends the junkyjewelry.com. They sell all kinds of junky jewelries from antiques, fashion, vintage, handcrafted, leather and even far fetched ones. I may say they are the only online far fetched jewelry store I’ve known.

I was browsing through the website and found out that they are accepting members who want to sell their jewelry crafts. They call it Galleria. You can market your products through them. How nice. That is why you can browse from among the designers of jewelries you like since they have many artists that joined in their galleria.

There is one junky jewelry I like and it has an engraved message as well. It is the Copper Cuff Far Fetched Bracelet. Check the photo below. This junky jewelry store really rocks! Check them out.



Adrian said...


Greetings! The Mighty Genie King is here to remind you to pick up your Totally Fabulous gift for taking the ride on board the Magical Flying Carpet! We hope that you will enjoy the ride and that all your wishes will come true!

The genies would be very happy if you put up the symbol of the genie on your sidebar to show that we've been here and that you are a rider of the magic carpet if you have not already done so!


Genie King

Shazam! PS Don't forget to come by regularly to the Genie King domain to pick up updates too! Shazam!

Bless said...

Thank you GK! It's an honor. I will grab it today and post it here.

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