My 2nd Award

Wow when it rains it pours! I got my second award from amiable Francine. I am so touched by her sweetness. Thank you very much for telling me that you love my blog by giving this to me:

And of course it will not be complete if I am not showing some luvin' also to my dear friends in the blogsphere whom I also love reading their blogs. Here are the first batch:

My Hideaway of Analyse. I love reading her posts and didn't miss any updates of her life as a very busy Mom of lovely Louna. Her emersion for 6 years in France somehow as what she said made her FrenchED.

Thoughts of Transition of Geri. She eloquently chronicled her thoughts being a wife of an American transitioning from a mellow Philippines to a culturally different America. I love reading her posts especially on the development of her adorable toddler Evan. I can really relate to it as a first time Mom.

My Online Bizniz of Tess. Her posts about making money online got me really interested that I wanted to try it as well :-) I just don't know where to start and I still have to learn the ropes. I will ask Tess for tutorial on this. This online business would suit me as an Army wife because we are always moving. By doing so, I can bring the business too to anywhere we go, right Tess?

Rheb's Rambling. Love reading Rheb's ramblings. Her entries are inspiring, contemplative and would hit right into the core especially when she rants about family, life here in the US, and about friendships. Her success conquering the odds is very inspiring.

My Small Place of In-in. I love her layout. I love reading the update of her little Frankie. We both can relate as a first time Mommies. We exchanged notes on the development of our respective child during our exchange of calls.

There will be next batches of this so stay tuned :-)



Analyse said...

Hi Bless, thanks for the award ;). Really appreciate it.

Bless said...

You are most welcome Ana!

geri said...

Bless, thanks for the award! I will do the tag soon but I'm putting it off since it might be a long entry :)

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