My 3rd Award

Third award in a month! Boy I'm flooded :-) I feel I won grand slam with all these awards coming through. I thank Genie King for this totally fabuluosly awesome award. It is a great pleasure receiving such. Another unexpected plaque that I will treasure throughout my blogging life.

I have fabulous friends that I wanted to pass and share this award as well and I will name them later. Stay tuned.



recel said...

u seem to be in the honor roll in this blogging thing, huh! u'v got a bunch of awards here!
congrats to u! think u deserved it well!
thanks for enabling me to post comments here! :)
have a great Sabbath and weekend to u!

Bless said...

Hello Cel Thanks for the visit.
LAgi I never expected I will have it from blog friends. So touched.

Bless said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
JO said...

congrats [again]!

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