Moon Sand

Christmas is fast approaching and hubby told me that he likes to start buying Christmas presents this coming October so we will not beat the rush. For my nieces and nephews as well as my close friends’ kiddos I already have an idea for a gift. I will buy them moon sand.

Moon sand is specially formulated sand wherein you can squish, mold, and shape it like dough. Being not able to dry out, reusing over and over is possible. It is a good replacement for playdough and clay. This kind of toy activity can enhance the ability of kids to be more creative and mentally active because they will be able to create something from nothing.

Aside from the ones I mentioned above moon sand can also be used by kids to sculpt and carve into different forms and creations. Kids would love it very much. It is Mom-friendly too. Why? Because it won’t stain, easy to wipe off and toxic and gluten-free so no worries for Mommies. I bet kids will love it.

So for Christmas presents for kiddos is out of the way now. So I will just worry the adult presents. Any suggestions?



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