My Workplace

This is a long overdue tag from Trinity to have a free view of my workplace. I took the pic when I learned about it but got tied up. Now finally I am able to upload the pic and publish this entry. Thanks Trin for the tag.

This is in our sunroom. Where I stand to take the pic on the other end is where my DD's playpen, swing and bouncer at, cramped up together. I have to have it within reach while I'm on the internet.

I was told to ask my friends to have a free view of their workplace, so if my good buddies like Tess, In-in, Francine, Sarah, Mel, Recel, Lutchi, Haze and Lucel would find it okay to let me view their space that would be wonderful. No pressure guys, I respect privacy so much :-) Thanks.



~Mheldz said...

Hi Bless,
Thanks for the tag pero pass ako muna coz I wouldn't dare to let the world see our work place. It's total chaos!!! It's a make -shift tables, wires all around , papers &'s like a jungle. Kakahiya! Next time na lang kapag na ayos na lols.


Bless said...

Hello Mel! No probs oi. I understand. ingats.

Trinity said...

thks Bless! will link you up!

I know it's quite hard to show our work area to the world... we have to clean up before taking the picture.. haha...

God bless!

JO said...

nice workplace! i can't do this tag coz my workplace is such a mess.. hehehe

haze said...

Wow ka nice sa imoha workplace Bless uy....very neat and tidy....akoa ako sa ning hawanan kay makau-uwaw nyahahahaha.

Thanks will do it very soon. Wil inform you later.

Bless said...

@ Trinity - Hi Trinity! Yeah I know. My work area looks neat only on the pic but on the other end where I stand to take the pic was chaotic hehehe

@ Jo - Hello Jo! I was glad hubby did the shredding & tossing some unwanted files so my area looks a lil bit tidy.

@ Haze - Ay day haze ang napiktyuran ray hawan ang pikas nagkaguliyang hehehe

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