Lights in Action

All weekend hubby worked on his truck and it’s still ongoing til now. He’s making sure that the truck is good to go for our upcoming trip to New Jersey and also during our move to the West Coast. I always remind him not go over late because he has the tendency to work not minding the time even if he’s only using a flashlight. When I saw him struggling with that meager light I told him he needs to have a work light. Something that is a 24 volt lights he can use during his late works with the truck so he will see clearly what he is doing. I told him about my thoughts and he is amenable to it.

So when I came upstairs I checked online and found at different kinds of lighting products. They have spotlights, flashlights, military lights, go lights, strobe, and head lights, work lights, hunting lights, and a lot more. The light wattages varies as well as it’s voltage. Their lighting products such as spotlights and flashlights contain an HID technology that differs from the halogen lights. With HID their lights has a longer battery life thus minimize consumables and less costly, it’s tested durability to last.

This is an HID work light that hubby needs. This is also a must to have for us especially that we will have a long night trips this month. In case of road night emergencies we will not scramble in the dark. Another thing, when your purchase at magnalight reaches $300 the will ship it thru ground UPS free of charge. This is a great deal, don’t you think?



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