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When you become a Mom everytime you think of shopping it’s always for your kids. I became an impulsive buyer now of things for my little lady. Even online buying as long as it’s for our DD. One online shopping search engine I frequent is

In shopwiki I would be able to compare prices of items that I need for our little girl. They also have buying guides that will enable you to check what is best for your child’s age and what product has the best quality and review.

I am always having fun browsing thru shopwiki. They have enormous shopping directory for babies. Like clothes, accessories, toys, and many others. I found this 3-in-1 exersaucer that we really love. We got one for her and she loves the toys around it.

I was also looking at karma baby sling that shopwiki featured on their site. I like the sling because you can use it even if you already have a toddler. I will order one and hopefully I can get it next month. I am so excited with it.

Since we are also looking for an umbrella stroller I will check at shopwiki what is best especially for travelling. By next year we have a bunch of scheduled travelling so we really need a lightweight stroller for our DD. Shopwiki have a bunch of featured stroller so I will just check it with them.

Try shopwiki too. It’s not only for baby but as well as other products that you can find all over the internet. Their store directory is enormous. Check and compare prices before you buy so you can save.



Mariuca said...

Hola! I have something special for you!

Genie Princess

Bless said...

Hi Marzie! I checked it already and I'm honored for the award!

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