The Great Raid

Last night after we finished having dinner hubby browsed the channels and on AMC was aired the movie The Great Raid. I remember I had an entry about this which you can read HERE. We watched it in the theater when it was released the first time. But we watched it again together last night.

I am very proud that Filipino actors were able to join casts on this great film. Especially Cesar Montano. I am proud on how the Filipinos helped the US soldiers liberated the US Army prisoners of war. And to date it is the undefeated biggest rescue mission ever did by the US Army in history. Hubby said the success of the mission really credited to the excellent planning of the rescuers and that they cover all avenues that might be possible for the Japanese to be on edge.

The entire movie can be classified as drama more than action film. If you follow through the whole story it is moving. At the end of the movie they show the real footage of the mission where the POWs marched on the river to the safe American headquarters as well as when the POWs was brought back home here in the US.



Tess said...

i like this movie and i don't mind watching it again! Even hubby liked it!

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