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One of the inclusions when we plan on getting our new house is a landscape at the front and back yards. I will say a curb appeal is also very important for me. Since we don't have the money to make a high end landscape, I will look for an alternative where we can save money. And I know where I can get a good idea and alternative products it is at Artificial Rocks Factory. They sell artificial rocks, boulders, cast stone trees, plant stands, and assorted fake rocks for props and fixtures.

This Artificial Rocks Factory is really awesome. I like the idea of putting your address signs which is very visible to the postman, delivery services, and visitors to your house. It looks neat too because you can incorporate it in your landscape. Even though it is a fake rocks but it looks so real, durable and will withstand the test of time. You can customize as to the color and design of your artificial rocks. Aside from address signs, they also accept orders for welcome boulder, address plaques or address marker. Their wide selection of cast stone products is really a good alternative if you want an indoor garden or even a rooftop one. You can create a green and natural element to your every garden project using these beautiful products.

Now I have already an idea of using another alternative to original rocks and trees. By using the artificial rocks, cast stone trees, and fixtures I can create a natural, real looking garden landscape in our future abode. I will not worry of trees going to die during winter. The good thing also is that you can rearrange your design without too much work of digging. This is one bright idea and I am glad there is a store like the Artificial Rocks Factory so I can do the same thing just like the picture below.



Anonymous said...

Great idea! My mother-in-law is impossible to shop for, but I think one of these fake rocks with an address plaque would be perfect. Thanks for the holiday gift suggestion!

Artificial Rocks Factory

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