Beautiful and Sexy Award

Beautiful and sexy Marie of Vanidosa gave me this two awards. I am so honored and the awards made me blushed from head to toe. Thanks Ms. Marie, you are such a sweet and thoughtful person.

I would like to extend this two awards to the following sexy and beautiful friends of mine:

Merydith - What comes to mind. She's a beautiful Mom of Frankie.
Sarah - Foxy Mama. A sexy, foxy Mom of Caleb.
Ana - Hideaway. A busy, beautiful Mom of Louna.
Tess - Tikya sa Tate. Despite having 4 kids she's still sexy and staying young as always.
Geri - Thoughts on Transition. An artist Mom of Evan.
Mel - Mheldz Bloggie. A beautiful, singing diva. Mom to 2 beautiful kids Princess and Shinjo.
Recel - Unsealing my mind. A lovely Mom to Triz.
Francine - La Place de Cherie. A sexy, beautiful Parisian Filipina.
Darlene - My Life, My World. Sexy mama from Utah.
Lutchie - Two Cents Worth. Beautiful Mom to Zach and Dylan.
Janice Ng - This is Miracle. Beautiful Mom To Zach and Amos.
Raquel - Memories Frozen in Time. Beautiful Mom to Maria and baby Bianca.



J@n!ce said...

Bless, new awards to me? I'm so flattered, thanks for being sunshine to me this blue monday. My mood has improved slightly. The awards are beautiful :)

Janice Ng ~ invite friends ~ get paid

gwapasila said...

thanks Bless, now I am certified sexy and beautiful too....TC

Darlene said...

Wow daghan na gyud mo naghatag nako ani hehehe so proven na gyud gwapa ko ug sexy pod lol! bwahahaha anyway thank you kaayo Bless!

tess said...

Bless, TY kaayo. abi nimo, i also have same award for u at: wala lang ko kasuroy pa to inform u kay we had guests ganina, mao pay pag uli pod ero ganina ra nako to na post. TY, swap diay ta ani, hehe!

Merydith said...

Will claim ni later Bless and thank you so much. Ma sexy na oruy nga ga dako man lang ni ang bilbil liningkod ani atong kabutang.Kisses to Baby S.

Yen said...

Congrats sa awards mo:)

Btw, Bless I would appreciate if you can add this blog of mine. You're added in there already. Tnx!

Little Peanut

recel said...

salamat ani bless ha? karon pa naku nabalikan.. pasensya na to ctch up so late.. hehe! regards!

~Mheldz said...

Hi Bless,
salamat ha :) its very flattering. Happy Thanksgiving to you and the family .

Raquel said...

Yay, sexy award ko to, cool madz.

Salamat ha, ako ra ning i post pag daghan na kog time madz.

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