Caffeinated Cities

When I got here in Washington I realized that there were so many coffee, espresso, capuccino stand I saw in their cities. Then it dawned on me that this is a windy and cold state to live. Presumably those who lives here needs warmth to fight against the coldness of nature, literally. In our apartment complex, right outside the gate there is a drive thru coffee stand which for sure will be frequented by hubby.

Then this morning while browsing online it was featured on Yahoo news cities that the poll said most caffeinated. Top of the list is Seattle. That answered my questions why there are so many drive thru coffee stands and cafe lattee and the likes. Chicago also tops the most caffeinated city in US. The caffeine comes either from coffee, chocolates and colas. Other cities on the list are Tampa, Miami, Phoenix and Atlanta as the most caffeinated. New York, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Detroit it says that is the least caffeinated.



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