Best Apartment

Eversince I came here in the US I lived three apartments already in three different states. I can't help but compare the three dwelling places that we have had. So far the best apartment that we have stayed was back in Georgia. The whole apartment complex is huge. It has all the extra amenities that you can ask for. The fitness gym has all the equipment, treadmills, ellipticals, stationary bikes, ab machines, etc. It has two playgrounds, five swimming pools with spa and man made falls, fishing ponds, tennis, basketbal, racquetball courts, free car wash, free tanning salon, free yoga, pilates, 20-20 aerobics class, free tennis clinics for children, teens and aduls, free Engish class, and free internet cafe. Once a week there are activities such as kids movie night with free refreshments, poker night and bingo. Once a month there is wine tasting and welcoming of new residents of course with free food. And the best thing too is the maintenance service, they are quick to respond. It was our best apartment so far. Right now our apartment is nice since it's new and their service is great. The only thing is that it don't have some of the amenities and activities from our previous place.



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