Different Dentist

Yesterday was my fourth dentist appointment and I was seeing the 4th Dentist in that clinic eversince I went there for my dental work. It is a group dental clinic so whoever specializes for a certain dental work they are the one to see you. For my first check it was an assessment, x-ray, and likes, a lady dentist saw me. I was then scheduled for extraction and a guy dental surgeon did it. After a week I was scheduled for two dental fillings. Another guy dentist did it and he will be doing my next two fillings on the 21st. Then yesterday I had my 4th appointment doing the impression for adding a tooth on my partial denture. A lady who specializes in making dentures saw me. She's the fourth dentist who sees me. Later today I will go back to the clinic and get my partial. Hopefully the addition is done nicely. This is my first one made here in the US. I am excited to have my denture back again.



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