Anniversary Gift

On our third wedding anniversary, December 18, 2007, hubby surprised me. He woke up early and went out telling me he is going to check my car why it wasn't cranking up. Me and baby Shiloh was still in bed. I was wondering after an hour he wasn't back yet so I called him up. He said he's going to an auto shop to have the car check. Then I went back to sleep. When he came home I was surprised he brought a dozen red roses, and bought breakfast to go from Ihop. It was so sweet of him to do it. I had breakfast in bed and while we ate he handed me two small boxes and when I open the boxes it was my gemstone jewelry, a gold necklace with matching ring with emerald stone. It was a very sweet anniversary celebration we had that I can't forget. I am so thankful to have a great husband.



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