Sweaty and Poopy

Yeah I kinda have a gross title for my post. Our DD is very sweaty. Especially when I breastfeed her and when she goes to sleep her head is dripping wet with sweat. My Mom said it might be "panuhot". I don't know but eversince she is like that. I am always wiping her head while she sleeps and make sure her back is dry. Even if it's cold here she sweats a lot. I have the ceiling fun on every night when we go to sleep to circulate the heat inside the bedroom.

And speaking of pooping, our DD is not pooping regularly. Sometimes after 3 days or 2. Tuesday she went but yesterday she did not. Then this morning she pooped. I hope she can have a regular bowel movement so she will not be fussy at night. I can feel that she is uncomfortable when she can't go. I tried giving her prunes everyday so she can go. I hope she can adjust to eating the solids so her bowel movement will be adjusted too. If any Moms out there have any advices how to treat constipation with your child it will be appreciated much.



recel said...

haay bless, perwisyo jud basta di maka-poop everyday. w/ triz b4, basta maabtan na gani ug hapon o gabii nga wa pa sya naka-ppop, pasagdan lang naku taman maugmaan. usually pagka buntag maka-poop na na sya. pag dili pa gani unya perwisyo na kaau, butangan na naku supository. ipapugos nalang sya ug tae, daku kaau ug tabang ang supository. it helped her have a regular bm na pud everyday. so i used to have a pack of supositories jud diri para naa dayon kung kinahanglan na butangan ba. karon ok na kaau. i think ing-ana jud na age bless common.

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