Love Hate Meme

Marzie tagged me this love hate meme. Now I am able to reveal what I love most and what I hate most :-) Thanks Marzie.

1. I love to eat: Filipino food, Italian, Chinese and American food.
2. I hate to eat: food that don't taste good to me.
3. I love to go: On a cruise.
4. I hate to go: Out not prepared.
5. I love it when: I see Shiloh's new milestones.
6. I hate it when: I am accused of something I did NOT do and not being honest to oneself!
7. I love to see: Hubby back home safe and sound soon.
8. I hate to see: People being mean and obnoxious.
9. I love to hear: The sound of hubby's voice on the phone.
10. I hate to hear: Kids cursing and screaming at their parents in public.

Let me ask my friends Raquel, Chelle, Recel, Tess, In-in, Jet, Lucel Julianna and Lutchi what they love as well as what they hate.



Raquel said...

#7 madz, cool. Bantay ka lang ni hubby inig abot niya.

Salamat diay sa pag tag, nakabutang na sa assignments category, hehehe. Daghan na kaayo didto ga line up.

recel said...

hehe mao diay ni Bless? well, i have done this na man, kini ang link o. salamat Bless ha... check lang ang link kung ganahan ka... :)

i wish u the best on ur number 7 Bless, and just like u, i hate kids that aren't so respectful as well.

Tess said...

Bless, human na nako tag, paspasan nako kay nanginahanglan ko ug fller, LOL! salamat kaayo Bless! TC!

My World said...

thanks much bless. kaya lang i have done the sam tag na on my other blog. another meme na lang in the future.

take care! hope you're feeling better now without hubby home. it will go by fast. sooner or later balik na siya.

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