Shiloh's Playtime Picture #13

This was taken in April. She loves playing with Barney and Puppy. I bought her the toy song book. It's plastic so even if she bite it all the time nothing will happen to it. She like to play a lot now but her attention to a certain toy is not long. She easily gets bored. So I give her different toys and then keep others that she don't like playing. She messes up her toys all over the floor and I am behind her picking her things up.



david santos said...

Nice, nice and very nice, Baby!
good luck.

lis said...

hopping here...time of my visit...have a great day!

vhiel said...


can I trade links with you on this blog..

I have 4 blogs that I want to trade links with:

Can of Thoughts
Designs By Vhiel
Anything and Everything in Between
Vhiel's Corner

Let me know. Thanks.

lolli said...

awww cutie Shiloh pa kiss bebe beh mwaahhh lami ingkitan ang aping ay :)
kadali jud sa panahon maring dako naman kaayo imong bebe gurl

Lou said...

It's a good thing Antonio is done with this "toy" thingy...I don't have to clean the house all the time..Now he's into video games which is really getting to be expensive..


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