Mt. Rainier Escapade

I was stretching out to control my chill on this picture above. Behind me is a massive wall of snow covering the mountain area.

Last Saturday as we were coming out of the Northwest Trek gate hubby told me if it's okay to continue driving going to the Mt. Rainier park entrance. I told him okay. I was thinking it is only down the road from where we're at but it was a good 20min ride. When we reached the gate I asked hubby if there's an entrance fee. He said yes but don't know how much. I told him to ask the lady at the entrance gate. She said it is $15 for 7 days. Not bad. I told hubby to get a ticket and he can drive me around.

So we continues and he drove through the woods in a narrow road going up until we reached at the main service center of the park which is I believe more than 3000feet above sea level. You can really see that the mountain is snowcapped and the temperature went down. It was 7pm when we reached the service center and they are closing for the day already. It was freezing cold for me and our clothes were not appropriate for the chilly weather so I asked hubby if we can go back down and just come back. I even put our DD in her stroller instead of carrying her so at least she is warm inside and not subject to the cold breeze of mountain air.



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