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As a new Mom I am trying my very best to switch to all natural food products so that our kids will follow. I am trying to establish a good nutrition for the whole family. It is very common nowadays that illnesses is due to the unhealthy food that we eat. Everytime we go grocery shopping I am always looking at the organic choices. This is also my way of caring not only for our health but also to the environment. This is also the reason when I was still pregnant and was going to school, I bring my own food or natural healthy snack in school because as much as possible I don't want to grab anything from the school vending machine.

How I wish there is an organic vending machine just like the product of Vend Natural that is being installed in the school. Speaking of such, this natural vending machine only vends natural healthy snack and other organic food products. I am really impressed of this idea because it really promotes healthy living. I wish that this natural vending will be adapted by all business establishments, schools, offices, malls or any places that has vending machine stalls. This can really help in the wellness of the people. It also creates a good foundation for the next generation to make healthy choices for their food. If you are interested for distributorship of this natural vending, check out



sean said...

I recently googled organic snacks and came across this blog. This is a very good way to promote healthy eating by way of snacks......

I thought I contact Vend Natural for some more information. Turns out that they have locations all across the U.S.

At the moment they have locations in Philadelphia. I am currently living in Los Angeles so I thought I pass on the words in case anyone might be interested in this location.

If you are interested, contact them or go to their web site,


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