Fun at the Fair

We had fun during our weekend. As I have said that we went to Puyallup Fair and our DD had a blast more on watching the different animals rather than the rides. She is not enjoying the rides yet because she is still young but she kept on pointing to the big rides as we were walking around. We brought her inside the horse stables. It was a 4-H stable wherein different horses from different counties have rodeo competition and equine show. She kept saying oh, oh, oh and was very ecstatic.

We also went inside a barn where you can see barn animals. The kids were able to pet some goats, sheep, rabbits, and see different birds species. I let her pet goats and sheep as you can see at the picture above. It was a great day for us and we hope to be back at the fair next year or the next years when she can already enjoy everything.



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