Stackin' em Up

Now that our DD is 16 months old I have observed that her recognition is more apparent. If I tell her something she will listen. If we call her by her name she will reply by saying "Hmmm" which can be translated to as 'yes'. When she is playing and I am at the kitchen I can't see her because of the wall that divide the two spaces. So from time to time I will call her to know if she is okay. I love to call her over and over also because I love to hear her response. It is like music to my ears. When I call her she will run to the kitchen with eyes wide, eyebrows up, and saying "hmmm". If she can already speak I bet she will say 'why you keep calling me Mommy' :-)

With her other milestones, we are glad to say that she can now copy and do the things that we are trying to teach her. Although it is not as perfect as we want to be but the fact that she is showing the desire to learn is a very welcoming sign. When I give her the stackable boxes she knows what to do with it. She will stack it up but in no particular order.

I also taught her the song twinkle, twinkle little star and she can do the action that I taught her. When I sing twinkle, twinkle she will do the closing and opening of the fingers. In the part of - like a diamond in the sky - she will make a diamond shape with her fingers as well. This little things that our kids learn is like a trophy that we parents are very proud of. I am looking forward for the many things that she can learn in the days to come.



Raquel said...

Mads, naa pa jud laing action song itudlo kana bitaw

1. my toes, my knees, my shoulders my head (3x), let's stamp our feet and claaaap our hands. Bow...

2. I have two hands the left and the right. Hold them up high so clean and bright. Clap them softly 1-2-3, clean little hands are good to see.

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