SportsVids Contest

I love sports a lot. Although I don't play that much sports but I am an advocate of it. I like to promote sports to young ones because it can really help in improving one's self discipline most especially the teens will be away from any vices if they are into sports. Hubby also loves sports and he even suggested to me that we have to start clinic for lawn tennis. Aside from it, hubby loves football and baseball. Now that NFL season is here we watch football games when there is game on TV with our favorite team. Our only concern is we can't always watch it on time because hubby has his work and when I am with our DD the TV is on PBS.

I am very glad that you can now watch online sports videos of the different sports game there is. You can just go to and select the game you want to watch. SportsVids brings all these sports games with just one click at the comfort of your home. You don't have to fret anymore of missing the game because they have the archive of games in any categories.

Another cool thing at SportsVids is the capability of the user to upload sports clips to share to other viewers and users as well. If you have any sports videos that you want to share, you will be able to do so. You can comment on other clips and other people can comment also in your uploaded videos. And as part of promoting they have this referral contest for all site owners or bloggers. If you are interested you can sign up and they will provide the link you can put in your site where your friends and visitors will click and access the sign up page for SportsVids. The top three referrer will win the prizes below:

1. Xbox360
2. ipod Nano
3. $100 Gift Certificate from Dick's Sporting Goods.

So join now and send the exact URL of your SportsVids sign up page to your family and friends to start referring.




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