A Streak of Terrible Twos

As I am observing our 1 and a half year old DD everyday I think I am nearing to what they call the TT or 'terrible twos' :-) I really hope not, but some personality is showing off now. One thing I see is her impatience. The Pedia told me that at this age they don't have control yet on their temper and what they want, they want it immediately. She can't really wait. My trick is, when she want something that is not allowed for her I do something to divert her attention to other things. Most of the time she will but there are also times that she will stick to what she wanted first.

One example, we have remotes for the cable TV and stand fan. The cable's remote is of course bigger than the fan. She wanted the TV's remote but I will give her the fan's instead. She will not take the fan's remote. If you insist it to her she will just end up throwing it. Then she will try her best to get the other one. If she don't like it, she don't. No matter how you persuade her to take it the more she will shun away from it.

Me and hubby discussed about starting a silent corner for her. I really don't know if it is healthy in disciplining your child but I wanted to try making it as a tool in discipling her. I have heard and read on books that it does help. Does any Moms here applied it to their kids? Last night I tried it on her. She was on the verge of throwing a fit on something and I have to finish cleaning the kitchen. She was tugging at my legs and when I calmly told her to wait because Mommy is doing something, she screeched and screamed. I was like, whoa! Is that you baby?

What I did, I put her in the corner and told her do not stand. I know she can't comprehend yet what I am trying to tell her but I just want to see what she will do. She stopped screaming though but after couple of minutes she stood up smiling and ran to me. Before she got near me I stopped her again and told her to go back. To my amazement she went back to the corner and sat down facing the wall, only for couple of minutes. She did it four times. She can really follow instructions now even though easily distracted. I am hoping she will be a calm little lady :-)



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