World's Largest Crayon

The world's largest crayon was unveiled in Liberty County - Hinesville, Georgia. I heard the news in our local television about this and it is very impressive because they are recycling the used and old crayons that they collected to create the 10 feet plus crayon. They started making this crayon since spring and all the kids/students as well as the people there in Liberty County are very proud and excited about. Right now they are the Guinness world record holder for the largest crayon in the world.

Speaking of crayon, I bought our DD this begginer crayon with a big handle. She liked it because it looks like a toy but she can use it to doodle. The only thing is that she will still try to put it in her mouth. When I catch her doing it she will throw it away though. Then I bought her the regular crayons. I am glad that she is not bending it (yet) but she is starting to scribble on the floor, carpet and wall. Ughh...I need to get her a board where she can scribble to her heart's content and not just anywhere in the house.



Pinay WAHM said...

Namamasyal here Bless after being away for so long..

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