So Comfy and Sipping Milk

Our daughter is now totally off the bottle but I am still breastfeeding her :-) She eats three meals and snacks in between. Before she goes to bed, I will give her fresh milk and graham crackers as her snack. I still have to assist her to finish her food though because she is very destructed. She won't eat everything if I will just let her so; she end up playing the food. Last night, I was giving her the milk in her sippy cup and the cracker. she did not hold the cup so I placed it on the table after she had a sip. Then later on she reached for the cup and brought it with her. I was wondering where she went and when I turned around I saw her comfortably sitting on her smart wheels wile sipping her milk and watching The Singing Bee (TFC). She looked like a kid in her action not a budding toddler. Haayyy....they just grow real fast :-)



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