Under the Table

I don't know what is it with under the table with kids :-) Eversince our DD learn how to crawl she always go to areas where she will have a hard time. May it be under a chair, table, back of cabinet and climbing. The pictures above was taken last month. She was playing and running around. I pushed the computer chair under the table because she will climb on it and I am afraid it will roll over then she will fall. Twice she was able to pull it out and the next thing I know she was dancing on top of it. So I pushed it tightly inside where she can't pull it out. So what she is doing is balancing on top of it under the table.



J@n!ce said...

In a few years time, she would have grown taller & got to be careful playing there :)

juliana said...

hala, she's very malikot nga. you gotta have that roving eyes though.

4ever7 said...

Whoa! Cute li'l monster!

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