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I am very excited because I was able to get an opportunity to enhance my writing skills through a very fun, interactive educational site, Brightstorm. As you all know that I am back in school right now trying to pursue another medical course. Along the way, I have subjects and courses that I find difficulty in, like writing and math. By joining with Brightstorm I will be able to select courses that will help me in my quest for education.

At first I thought this educational site is just the same with other sites I bumped into here in the net. But I am telling you, it is not. If you have kids in school, a college student, teacher by profession, and ordinary adult that is thirsty for learning, this is the best place to go to quench that thirst. They give true value of education by offering an extensive explanation of various courses different from classroom setting. Sign up for a free brightstorm acocunt and you will know what I am talking about here. The interactive format wherein great teachers are explaining each topic is fun and will give you different perspective about the subject matter.

As I have said I already signed up for an account and bought a course in Writing with Katie Aquino as my teacher. She is very fun and from the looks of it, I will have fun learning and honing my writing skills. I confess I am writing just about any topics every day through blogging, but honestly I am not confident about my writing format. Now that I have help through Brightstorm, I am confident that I will get to improve and do good in my class. Sign up for a free account now and experience a whole new world of fun and learning.




risingthinker said...

that`s a great site..thanks for sharing

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