Sleeping Late

(Took the picture this morning after her breakfast)

I mentioned here before that our DD is sleeping late for the past weeks. The scenario is that, she will take a nap around 4pm and usually woke up at 6pm. When she does this, she will go to sleep between 11pm-1am then wake up at 11am. Although she gets enough sleep but I wanted her to sleep early and wake up early as well. I tried distracting her not to take her nap at 4pm and put her to sleep at 6:30pm or 7pm. She will go to sleep but after an hour she will be alert again.

I know somewhere we missed up with our routine because we always go out. Last night she went to sleep around 12midnight but woke up at 9am so she had her breakfast. But after breakfast she went back to sleep and woke up almost 1pm. If I keep her awake she will become grumpy. She did not take a nap at 4pm so after dinner and changed her for the night I put her to sleep. She slept but around 8:30pm she woke up and been playing. I know she will go to sleep late again tonight.



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