I was Gonged

Pictures taken last month while she was playing and watching her favorite show

It was very funny, yesterday our DD was watching her favorite Nursery Rhymes on TV. I always turn it on when she is up and if my show comes on I will switch the channel. After my show ends hers will be on again. While she was watching and dancing I also sang along. She suddenly stopped dancing, looked at me and put her pointer on her lips saying "shush". Can you believe that? I think she don't like me singing. I was laughing of what she did that I called hubby at work telling him what her daughter did. Hubby was laughing too.

She is really growing up and fast too. She can already determine what she wants and likes. She can't speak out what is it but she will do it with her action. She is also willing to learn and if it interest her she gets it right away. If she don't like it, you really have to exert more effort. Sometimes I get to wonder if she is learning accordingly but I just let it go now. I realized that she will learn in her own pace with proper guidance.



mecozz said...

you daughter is sweet and cute

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