Learning with Daddy

In our cable's on demand program there are channels that are for kids. You can choose PBS Sprout, Noggin, Toon Disney, Disney Channel, Cartoon Network, Boomerang, Baby Boost, Nickelodeon, Activity TV, and a lot more. You can just select what show appropriate for your baby's age. Our DD likes the Baby Genius a lot especially the different nursery rhymes as well as Mozart and friends.

Her Daddy taught her to operate the remote. She can now turn the tv on using the remote and select on demand but she can't find the exact channel yet. So, every morning when she wakes up she will get the remote and demands to change the channel to her favorite show. The pictures above I took Saturday morning. Daddy was watching his morning show and DD went up to him. He was obliged to change the channel because her daughter will not stop whimpering until he changed it. Both of them are watching Baby Boost and Daddy once again, obliged to sing the alphabet along.



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