Life-size Stuffed Toys

As we headed back to where we parked during our Seattle Escapade on Nov. 29th, we passed by this store, I forgot the name, that sells stuffed toy animals. The store is not that big but they have toys that kids will love. Even myself was amused by their displays. The kids enjoyed riding on the stuffed toys especially the big ones. I let our DD rode on the duck above :-) She enjoyed it very much she don't want to let go.

I bribed her to hop on the baby elephant so she let go of the duck. Then I let her hopped on the giraffe and some other big stuffed animals. She really enjoyed it. I wish I can afford to get her one of those so we can bring one home. Nevertheless, I was happy to see her enjoyed our short stay inside that store.



Pinay WAHM said...

Oh my...kahit siguro ako mag e enjoy sa loob nung store na yan.

Hi Bless...musta? Haven't been here in a while. Shiloh has grown so much since I was last here ata...


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