We Need Slimming Pills

This is what my niece was asking me also when I talked to her last night over the phone. Yeah, I agree they need something that will help them lose weight. As in all honesty, when my nieces, my older sister's daughter, were young they're very tiny little girls. My sister kept bringing them to their Pediatrician and they've given different kinds of vitamin supplements to boost their calorie intake. When they were 6 and 4 years old they started to gain weight and it went out of control. We thought they will loose the baby fats when they become adults.

When they're in high school both of them slowly lost some pounds but they're still on the heavy side. When they were in college, since they're both taking up Nursing and it's a very competitive degree, they lost more weight. Now they are both Nurses. The oldest is already married and gave birth and her weight somewhat doubled up of what she used to. The younger sister also gain a lot of weight. I tried telling them to change their lifestyle and plan a good and healthy diet to think they are in medical field. I am also looking into giving them Leptovox to help in burning body fat. I love them so much I don't want them to endure being obese all their lives.



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