Weekend at Redmond Town Center

Last Saturday we went to Redmond to check out Microsoft Campus. I was able to print the route going there through Mapquest. The last time we went there it was a little dark so we missed the exit. We did not try to look for it since it was dark and raining. But this passed weekend we got there still with light and was able to drive around the Microsoft campus. The campus, I believe occupied the whole stretch of the road with different buildings. It was weekend and there were no traffic there. We just saw cars parked and those that played soccer.

After driving around the campus we then proceeded to Redmond Town Center. It was freezing cold even though the sun was out. Instead of roaming around, we stopped by Starbucks to get something hot and sit for a little bit. We got our coffees and I was able to fed our DD. I felt like sitting down there not going out anymore because of the temperature. We did a little bit of window shopping and then decided to head back home. We planned of going back there again but maybe in spring or summer time when the weather is warm and comfortable.



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