I Need a Comfortable Bed

I blogged before that we need a new mattress for us in the master bedroom since the one we have is old and kinda hard. Although hubby negated that he is comfortable in our bed. Yeah right, that is why he keeps tossing and turning at night, restless (grin). Anyways, I asked him many times about it but since it is not really our priority so it goes to the back list. We bought new mattress but it was for our DD in her bedroom. Now that my back is aching everytime I wake up in the morning I think it is deemed necessary for us to prioritize it. I was looking at sleep number bed when we bought our daughter's mattress. I told hubby it would be nice to have such a bed. You have a remote to adjust it's softness or hardness and also position it accordingly. Have any of you uses such kind of bed? Does it really give its promise of comfort? It looks like you will have a good rest when sleeping on that bed. You don't need a pillow too to prop up your head when sleeping. You only need to elevate the head area. I have to put it in my wish list and hopefully in time we can afford to have one like it.



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