Weaning Story

It has been five days that I started weaning our DD. As soon as I learned that we are expecting, I decided to wean her. I read articles about breastfeeding while pregnant that it is okay but as a mother I need to make sure that my nutrient intake is more than enough to support both. My mother advised me to wean our DD so it will not be hard for me and it is what I am also planning of doing so. The first two days was really hard on my part. I felt like I am going to have fever and my back started to ache. In the morning and before I go to sleep I take a shower and press out the milk to relieve the pain. It helped a lot.

As with our DD, I pity her until now because she is still trying to reach out to be breastfed. I almost gave in but I have to make a firm decision for it to be successful. At night time she wakes up at 12am, 3am, and 6am to ask for breastmilk. She wakes up and cry and even if I don't feel like getting up I need to since hubby is not here yet. I give her milk in her sippy. Sometimes she will take it but sometimes won't. It is really hard as of this time since I feel morning sickness. I am just glad that the sickness I feel is not the worst kind. I can still handle it :-) The good thing though, if she asks for milk I also get some crackers because I can also feel hunger a little bit. After my first trimester I know our life will be a bit easier (fingers crossed).



Raquel said...

Wow, congratulations mads. At last na wean mo na si Shiloh. Ako ambot lang kanus-a pa kaha, haskang lisora man.

Neneng(aka baning/banot) said...

congrats bless, new addition should be fun for shiloh. Me here, i think i'm good with one lol. Matthew is already very independent, but still i couldn't picture myself starting again with another little one... who knows, my inlaws still bug me to have another one..... For now we are fixated to settle with Mattie.... Kisses to shiloh.

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