Stock Up with Greeting Cards

Now that I learned that we are expecting again, I am thinking of stocking up perishable items in the house. One of these items I am talking about are greeting cards. When I was working in retail before, we have in the store a box full of cards for different occasions. It was very popular and customers were telling me that it is a good idea since you already have in the box whatever card you need for a certain occasion; may it be birthday, anniversary, holiday, personal greetings and other general stuffs. I think it is a great idea and I wanted to do it now too. As we all know if one is pregnant it is very difficult to think of a lot of stuff because surely we have so much to think about. By doing the stocking up, I will not be able to forget to send out greetings to my loved ones since I already have it in the house. I was discussing this to a friend and she told me that I can also print out in advance personalized greeting cards online and stock it up. I only need to buy envelopes to put my cards in. I can do this. It is going to be fun customizing and printing the cards that I need to stock up. I will make this as one of my tasks in the following days.



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