Terrible Twos

As our DD is nearing to her 2nd birthday, I noticed the streak of what they call terrible two. It is not the worst kind yet since I can still talk her out to calm down once she started to act up. Some of the things that I noticed in her attitude is she easily gets impatient. If she want something she want it right away if not she will start to make noise and pushed you to do it and even throw the things that she can get hold of. One time I tried to ignore her and see what her reaction will be. She was tugging at my shirt and starts to kick and whimper. I told her to wait for a few minutes because I am doing something. She stopped but after a few seconds she started on it again. She is very persistent.

I read some articles and heard from other Mom's stories that at this age your patience as a mother will be tested :-) Now I can relate to it. Everyday I have to tell her over and over not to touch the books on the shelves that is not for her, not to mess with the DVD's and stop taking out stuffs inside the desk drawers. I asked hubby if we can store the books and DVD's in boxes so she can't get into it. But hubby have different plan. He said that if we constantly remind her that those are not toys she will eventually learn. So that's what I am doing. Honestly she listens and if I told her no and give her own toys she can divert her attention to it.

Since I know she has a short temper as of this time, I make sure that when we go out it should be early, before her nap time or after she took her nap. I sensed that she is more crabby when she needed sleep. I will not go out when she is in a bad mood because it will just frustrate both of us. I just hope that if ever she gets to that terrible two stage she's a bit tamer :-) or else we will both have a bad day :-)



Kristin at My Art and the Mom in Me said...

My daughter will turn 2 on June 1st.. And she has this short temper that you speak of.. she needs to have everything right now and not a second after that! lol

Raquel said...

Yay, sugod ng krimin mads. Usahay ako laging mapipi ang kamot pero maningkamot nalang kog kalma jud kay basin mahinaykan. Mads, i-practice ang time out discipline kay morag effective na sa ako.

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