How DD Behaves in the Plane

One of my concern about our trip was about our DD's behavior inside the plane. Hubby brought her car seat because we paid for her seat. When I put her on her car seat she did not complain. I was crossing my fingers that she will be good until we landed.

I brought color wonder, treats, books, toys, and her favorite doll, as of this time, to get her occupied. On our way to Hawaii, as soon as the plane took off she dozed off to sleep as well. She woke up when we were already inside Salt Lake City International Airport. I think she was very tired since she did not have good sleep the night prior. From Salt Lake City to Hawaii she was mostly asleep. She was playing when she's awake or asked for food. The passengers seated behind us praised her for being such a good baby on that flight.

On our way home, she was a bit cranky. Our flight left at 1:10pm. It's about time for her nap that is why she was antsy. She cried when I put her in her car seat. I told her to go to sleep but she wanted me to massage her back or her legs. I gave her the Goodnight Moon book and she stopped crying. She dozed off to sleep while flipping the book. She woke up and cried when I removed the book from her lap. It was my mistake. She did not stop crying until hubby picked her up and let her slept on his shoulder.

In totality, I thought she behaved so well. The flight are not that long compared to international flight but I know what to expect now when it comes to her behavior while in the plane. We will have another vacation and this time it's going to be longer so I need to prepare a bit more than what I did when we went to Hawaii.



Gorgeous MUM said...

She looks so cute on her chair!

Joe-ann said...

mao jud te, it's quite easy when they were still a baby and still nursing. Nursing can surely make them calm,but toddler days are more difficult to handle. But with your hubby around, it would be not be a stressful flight.magkatinabangay mo.=)

Online Bathroom Sink said...

Little ones who behave in a trip are so adorable. I wish all kids are like her.

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