Meeting the Grandparents

Lolo, Lola, DD, ate Karen, Hubby, and Me

For the first time, my husband and our daughter met my parents on our recent vacation to my home country Philippines. It was a surreal feeling seeing my parents hugging and kissing our DD and their son-in-law. My father was even tearful when he hugged hubby which touches my husband a lot.

Before we plan for this vacation, my parents were always asking us when they can see hubby and their granddaughter. I did not promise them any time since I did it before and it wasn't pushed through. I don't want to disappoint them again. With hubby's impending deployment, I figured that there's no other soonest time to visit them than having it before he leave. So we decided to have it on July 26-August 10. It was a short one but the important thing was we were able to visit them.

My Mom was with the group that met us at the airport. She carried our DD inside the van and sat on her lap from the airport until we reached our town. It was a 3 and a half hour drive and our DD did not cry but peacefully slept in my Mom's arms. I was thinking she'll shy away from the rest of the family but thankfully she didn't. She was hugging everybody and go with any one who wants to carry her. My sister jokingly asked hubby if we can leave DD in the Philippines while he is on deployment. Of course it's not possible :-) I won't be at peace here without our DD. Now that we are back here my Mom told me over the phone that they misses DD very much. I know it will be another year or two before we can see them again.



PinayWAHM said...

Wow! Your parents must be on top of the world when they finally met your little angel as well as your husband.

Early visit here Bless...hope you're doing great.

Mommy J

Raquel said...

Hala ka mads oi, ning abot na jud diay mo diha. Haskang lipya jud cguro sa imong parents ba, laliman gud ka pila na mo ka tuig wala nagkita.

Enjoy your vacation there mads and as much as you can take time with your parents.

Raquel said...

Pastilan ni abot naman diay ka mads. wala nay laing pictures diha?

""rare*jonRez"" said...

hahaha pareho mi ni racquel ba, uhaw kaayo ug mga hulagway. post pa dugang pics Bless! lol

what a great time u'v had!

Joe-ann said...

hi te bless..nakauli na diay ka..unya nakabalik na pud,kadali ra sa panahon oi.lingaw ko nag hunahuna da.regards.

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