DD's Second Dental Visit

Before we left for Philippines in July I brought our DD to her 2nd dental visit. She had her teeth cleaned and just like the first time she did not cry. She's acting like a big kid already. She is more relax visiting a dental office than when we go for her baby well check appointments. I asked her Dentist if I can take picture while she's doing the cleaning and she gave me permission. I am hoping that she will stay the same not afraid of dental check ups.

She was asked to open her mouth big and she complied as told. Good girl indeed :-) She got a Tigger stuffed toy afterward being so good during the process. She will have another appointment in January 2010.



Gorgeous MUM said...

You've got one brave girl there!

Joe-ann said...

wow, thumbs up for shiloh! that totally awesome te, seeing your child so cooperative. I wish my johann will be like one.:)hehehe.

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