Our DD with My Sis and Her Hubby

My sister and her husband is trying to complete their family. They have their own house already and they are ready to have a child but they are not blessed with one yet. When we got there in the Philippines, my sister told me that we can leave our DD there and they will take care of her. Just for the time that hubby will be away and so I can do whatever I need to do here in the US. But of course it's not that easy to do. I don't want to be away with her. My husband also won't allow it. I know they kind of make it a joke but hoping we will allow it. It would be very hard to be away from you child. Even when I go to school and I leave our DD with hubby I am still worried how much more if she's half way around the world :-) I know there are cases wherein families have to sacrifice too much to include separation of family members but I am hoping we won't resort to that. I am happy to know though that my family back in the Philippines are very supportive and are willing to take care of our child.



Gbex said...

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dom said...

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