Trying to be Independent

Our DD is now 28 months and she is a handful. She now tries to be independent in whatever she like to do. When we go places, she don't like to be in her stroller but want to walk. She won't hold my hands or her Dad's because she want to walk by herself and fast. It's very funny because her Daddy will introduce her as 'our 2 year old going on 17' :-)

When dressing up, she will tell me she want nice and like to pick out her own clothes. She will let out a big NO if she don't like what I pick for her. Sometimes I like it when she acts independently especially when eating and playing but when she become stubborn it's not good anymore. I know we will just be there to support her so she will know what she is allowed to do by herself and what's not.

Lately, because we have new friends around here, she also gain friends. What I noticed when they're playing is that she really know how to share and don't get offended or will not cry if other kids took her toys. When I say share or borrow she oblige. I am hoping that trait will not change. She don't fight with other kids too. She love having them around. I guess she expects that everyday she will see them that is why every morning she will ask about her 'ate and AJ' (her new friends). When afternoon came and she still don't see them she will drag me to the door and point outside to go to our friends apartment unit. I can see now a "laagan" in the making :-)



~Mheldz said...

Hey ang laki na ni Shilo. She's so adorable and what cute ourfits she's wearing.
Kamusta buhay jan sa Seattle?

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