Missing Her Daddy

It has been a month since our Daddy left for his third tour overseas and our DD is missing him everyday. Almost every night she is looking for him. There were nights that she woke up crying and asking for Daddy. It is heartbreaking seeing her cry so I just keep telling her that Daddy is at work and we will see him soon.

When hubby thought of using the military program United Through Reading, wherein deployed soldiers can make a video of themselves while reading a story, he took advantage of it. While they were in Kuwait he was able to made three videos of himself reading a story for our tiny one. Now that we have the videos when she misses her Dad she will request to watch the videos. I also made sure that she watches it before we go to sleep.

Now, when she asked for Daddy and I tell her he will not be here soon enough, she will just asked to watch the video instead. Last week she wasn't feeling well and she woke up around 2:30am. She kept telling me to watch daddy so I stood up and turn the DVD on. We both watched one video of hubby three times before she went back to sleep. I am thankful that Daddy did it because it helps our DD in dealing with Daddy's absence.



JO said...

tell her Daddy to make more videos... it will definitely make your daughter feel that daddy is close by...


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