Loving the Blings

Our little toddler loves to wear blings; earrings, bracelet, necklace, and whatever Mommy wears she wants it too. My friend K gave her a set of blings for little girl during the birthday party of our friend's daughter. She wore it right away. She said to me, "I like it Mommy". Once she's wearing something she will just behave at my side as if afraid she will lost it.

I took the picture after my friend put it on her. She did not move at all. Every few seconds she will check her ears if the earrings are still there and then smile at me. When she decided to play with the other kids she took it off and gave it to me.

I now believe that I have a fashionista daughter :-) I hope it will not be her hobby or "vice" when she grow up, buying purses, shoes, jewelries and the likes or else we will have holes in our pockets :-)



Raquel said...

mads, ganahan ko ang bata girlie og dating para girl jud sila tan-awon ba. kulba lang inig daku nila basin mahalon na ang gusto.

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