32 Weeks Check Up

I had my 32 weeks of pregnancy check up last 25th at 1:30pm at the OB clinic on post. When you make your schedule they will tell you to arrive 15-20 minutes early. I arrived at the hospital like 30 minutes early. I immediately checked in at the front desk and then was told to wait to the other hall. I didn't wait that long considering my schedule is still at 15 minutes. I went in to the exam room, the nurse took my vitals and asked me questions that they always ask every visit - if you drink, smoke, and such.

The nurse went out and when he came back in he handed me a questionnaire, an optional one, just to know about your emotional status being pregnant. That is, if you are suffering from depression or what not. It says it's optional so you can refuse to answer it. But I answered it anyway since my emotional status right now is great despite hubby is not around. I would say that being pregnant and taking care of a toddler then your husband is deployed is really a lot to attend to. But in God's grace I am coping well.

I already finished answering the questionnaire but the doctor did not come in yet until after 20 minutes of waiting. I am so glad having my blackberry. I was able to browse the internet and read emails as well as visit facebook :-) It kind of made the time go fast. When the doctor finally knocked, she only spent less than 10 minutes since there's no issue concerning my pregnancy. She just informed me of the glucose test result which is normal, answers my questions and then measure the fundal height and checked the baby's heartbeat which is excellent. My next check will be at 36 weeks and will have it in mid March.



Raquel said...

maayo kay na outcome nimo nga wala diha si hubby. kung ako cguro emotional, lisod wala atong bana labi na buros mads.

btw, what a nice phone you have. hapit na jud imong due mads. i'm excited to see your second child. keep me updated.

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