Our 33 Month Old Tot

Our DD turned 33 months old on the 13th and as usual you can observe differences while they're growing up. The highlight for this age is about bribery. I read many articles about bribing your toddler to do something and giving rewards. But a very serious reminder of not over doing it.

Honestly, I do bribe our DD when she gets stubborn to listen. Like for example, we go to our friends house and when it's time for us to go home it will take me time to let her put on her shoes and jacket because she don't wanna go home. She wanted to stay and play. So I will tell her if you follow Mommy then we can go to McDonald's to play next time. Also at home, when she started messing with her toys and let her put it away, there are times she just do it after she is done but sometimes I have to ask her if she is a good girl to clean up her mess.

Calling her a good girl and praising her for doing a good job also do the trick in making her to cooperate with me. Our patience will really be tested when we have a toddler. I get frustrated at times that I wanted to pull my hair :-) but they are also very sweet and always give you smile even at its worst.

Just recently I taught her how to use the mouse. Now, she can use it to navigate her favorite site, starfall.com. Every morning that is what she wants to do. While I make breakfast and do some cleaning, she will be in front of the computer. She like to do the make a match where you have to match the pictures with the letter it starts. Sometimes during the day I will have a competition already that I have to beg her to do other things so I can use the computer. What I will do before she can play is to make a deal with her. She can have her time but if I say it's Mommy's turn she has to share. For now it is working and hopefully it will stay the same.



admin said...

you are right madz, at this age, badlungon jud sila. si bianca gani mang budlot nalang akong mata pero igo ra kung tan-awon, di jud maminaw, ha-ha...

wow, kabalo na sya mo navigate sa mouse. daghan na jud sya mahibal-an ana sa starfall. good luck madz

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