Playtime Picture

On Monday it was sunny and bright even though the temperature was a bit nippy. I did my errands for the day. My first stop was at the school to check when can I register for the spring quarter. Afterward I decided to stop by at Target instead of going to the mall. We grabbed some lunch while inside the store so our DD will not get cranky. Got her mac and cheese and for me some pretzel. We had cherry frost for our drinks and water.

After eating I was browsing what are on sale and saw the doll stroller. When our DD saw it she got very excited. Right now she love to play with dolls and hug one when she go to sleep. Since the doll stroller was on sale for $8.99 I decided to buy it. When we got home she wanted to put her doll on it and try it outside. She liked it very much and it's her favorite to play with now.



Becki said...

My daughter has a doll stroller like that too. She loves it!

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